What is the redness face:Rosacea?
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Redness face - Rosacea

Many people are prone to blush and severe facial redness, which is usually considered to be caused by thin cuticle and sensitive skin. In fact, there are many reasons for skin blush and red blood. In addition to skin allergies, "rosacea" is also one of the important reasons. "Rosacea" is often overlooked, but once it occurs, it is painful.

Before talking about "rosacea", let's talk about the possible reasons for easy blush and red bloodshot appearance. To sum up, there are mainly: 1. thin cuticle, capillary leakage, skin sensitivity; 2. seborrheic dermatitis; 3. rosacea; 4. lupus erythematosus. Other causes will be analyzed separately in future articles.

What is rosacea? You may not be very familiar with rosacea, but when it comes to "rosacea", most of you may have heard of it. Yes, "rosacea" is a type of rosacea.

According to different stages and forms of rosacea, it can be divided into four types: 1. Early erythematous telangiectasia type; Type, there is rarely a single eye type, and it is often the accompanying symptoms of the above three types. Zhen Yao found some pictures from the Internet to let everyone have a more intuitive understanding, which may cause discomfort, please forgive me.

1.Early erythema telangiectasia This type of rosacea is often confused with steroid dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. We will describe the differences between them in detail below. Let’s look at the picture first. The picture with milder initial symptoms is not found. Both of these are relatively serious symptoms in the early stage.

Rosacea mostly starts on the cheeks, and a few start on the nose or around the mouth. Patients who first appear on the cheeks usually present paroxysmal flushing on both cheeks at first, and the flushing may be significantly aggravated by emotional agitation, environmental temperature changes, or sun exposure. After several months of recurrent flushing, persistent erythema or telangiectasia may gradually appear, and swelling of the erythema area may appear in some patients. The cheeks are often accompanied by different degrees of skin sensitivity symptoms such as dryness, burning or tingling, and a few may be accompanied by itching.

It first appears in patients around the nose or mouth. Generally, there is no obvious paroxysmal flushing at first, but it directly manifests as persistent erythema, and telangiectasia gradually appears. As the disease progresses, the cheeks may also be involved, but facial flushing and skin sensitivity Symptoms are milder than those of patients who first appear on the cheeks.

2.Medium-stage papulopustular rosacea, this type of rosacea is easily confused with acne and acne, and the differences between them will be described in detail below.
Figure 3 (double-click to enlarge):

Some patients with rosacea gradually develop acne and pustules, which are more common on the cheeks; some patients may simultaneously develop erythema, acne, and pustules, which are more common around the mouth or nose, and develop into papules and pustules in the middle stage

3.Hypertrophy and hyperplasia in the late stage This type is too scary and has little to do with skin care, so I won’t post pictures. Friends who want to know can imagine “rosacea” and replenish their brains by themselves.

The causes of "rosacea" The causes of rosacea are more complicated. In summary, there are mainly congenital genetic factors and improper skin care. No one can change the congenital genetic factors, it is given by parents, but congenital factors only mean that the probability of outbreaks is higher than that of ordinary people, and it does not necessarily cause rosacea.
Producing rosacea, coupled with improper post-care.

Inherited genes are not good, and without scientific and professional skin care knowledge, any products will start to smear the face in a mess. After a long time, the skin will not be able to bear it, and eventually lead to rosacea.
The difference between "rosacea" and other skin diseases Rosacea and some skin diseases have similar symptoms. In most cases, it is relatively easy to distinguish through careful observation. However, some conditions are more complex and not easy to diagnose even by a dermatologist. Therefore, if rosacea is suspected, seek medical attention as soon as possible. The following is a simple way to distinguish between rosacea and other skin diseases, which can be used as a reference for friends. I don’t have time to take comparison pictures, so let’s post some text first.

1.Seborrheic dermatitis Seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea can both have erythema and light aggravation, but the location of the skin lesions is different. Seborrheic dermatitis usually occurs in the forehead, eyebrow arch, nasolabial fold or mandibular area with rich sebaceous glands The site of rosacea generally occurs in the cheeks, nose or mouth; seborrheic dermatitis manifests as yellow-red patches, rosacea has paroxysmal flushing and telangiectasia.

2.Contact dermatitis has a clear history of exposure to drugs or cosmetics, sudden onset, obvious itching, persistent erythema, and no obvious paroxysmal flushing.

3.Rosacea-like skin lesions may appear in hormone-dependent dermatitis, which is a hormone-dependent state formed after long-term topical use of glucocorticoids or skin care products containing glucocorticoids. Obvious burning and dryness will appear about 3 days after stopping the use , itching and other symptoms. Rosacea does not have these symptoms, burning, dryness is common, and itching is occasionally seen, but patients with rosacea who misuse glucocorticoids for a long time can gradually develop symptoms of hormone withdrawal dermatitis.

4.Acne Both acne and rosacea may have papules and pustules, but acne often has comedones, while rosacea has paroxysmal flushing and telangiectasia. The first onset of acne usually occurs during adolescence. Although rosacea also occurs in adolescents and children, the vast majority of the first onset time is over the age of 20. Acne papules are relatively larger and may leave acne marks after subsiding; rosacea papules and pustules are relatively small and generally do not leave scars.

1 .Simplify skin care The skin with rosacea is very fragile, and any skin care products may aggravate the condition. At this time, the best way is to simplify skin care. Do a good job of basic skin care cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, and other unnecessary skin care products are not used.

2 .Gentle cleansing Avoid using irritating cleaning products, such as soap, soap-based facial cleanser, facial cleanser containing SLS and SLES ingredients. You can choose mild amino acid facial cleanser, or alkyl glycoside facial cleanser. If the symptoms are severe, you can temporarily wash your face with water only. Do not wash your face with hot water.

3. Do a good job of moisturizing When the symptoms are serious and the skin lesions have not been controlled, you can only use some simple and mild sprays at any time to replenish moisture temporarily. Do not use any essence, lotion, cream products. This is the most enjoyable time, the skin is very dry, and I have to survive this period. After the symptoms improve and the skin lesions disappear, you can choose lotion or cream with simple ingredients, mild nature and good moisturizing effect according to your skin nature. Avoid using products containing irritating ingredients such as alcohol, mint, camphor, and fruit acids.

4 .Do a good job of sun protection Before the symptoms are under control and the skin lesions have not disappeared, take physical sun protection measures such as wearing a parasol, wearing sunglasses, and wearing a hat. After the skin lesions are basically controlled, you can consider using a mild sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that is easy to clean, and do not choose a product that needs to be removed to clean it.

5 .Prohibition of make-up It is forbidden to use various types of make-up products such as BB cream, CC cream, base cream, liquid foundation, etc. Based on the principle of simplifying skin care.

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