7 Major Causes Of Skin Sensitivity
2023-05-08 10:37:53

7 major causes of "skin sensitivity"

One: Excessive cleaning

Daily facial cleansing includes three steps: makeup remover, cleansing, and toning. As a modern woman, makeup has become an essential means to maintain a good image, but how to gently remove makeup has become an important skin care issue. Make-up contains a lot of pigments and powders, which are more difficult to clean than ordinary skin care products. If these make-up are not cleaned, they will adhere to the skin surface, easily burden the skin, clog pores, and cause a series of skin problems. Therefore, thorough cleaning is generally accepted by everyone. In order to promote makeup remover products, merchants further strengthen this awareness through advertisements. However, while consumers pay too much attention to cleaning, they ignore the damage of excessive cleaning to the skin.

There is a layer of sebum film on the surface of the skin. This layer of sebum film is composed of sebum and sweat secreted by the skin. It can effectively prevent skin moisture from evaporating, moisturize the stratum corneum, and play an important role in maintaining skin health. Excessive makeup removal, while cleaning the makeup, also completely removes this layer of precious sebum film, and the skin loses an important layer of protective film. If this happens for a long time, the skin's ability to lock water will decrease, resulting in dry skin and impaired skin barrier function. The resistance to external foreign bodies is reduced, and it is easy to be stimulated by the outside world, causing skin itching, inflammation, and allergies.

Makeup remover products are not as cleansing as possible. They are suitable for removing makeup without over-cleaning the skin. Since this article is to analyze the causes of skin sensitivity, how to choose a mild makeup remover product, Zhen Yao will write an article to elaborate in the future.

The second cause of over-cleaning is using an over-cleansing cleanser. Especially soap-based cleansing products, these products are clean and rich in foam, and the skin is refreshed and transparent after washing. Most consumers prefer the feeling of soap-based cleansing. However, the cleaning ability of the soap base is too strong, and it is only suitable for oily skin. Long-term use on other skins can easily lead to dry and sensitive skin. Although some soap-based products now have a good skin feel through various compounding methods, and the skin is not so dry after washing, but for most skins, the cleaning power is moderate or stronger, and it is not suitable for long-term use. .

Some facial cleansers with surfactants SLS and SLES as the main cleaning ingredients also have strong cleaning power. For some extremely dry skin, the cleansing power of amino acid facial cleanser will be too strong. Therefore, when choosing cleansing products, you must choose according to your skin nature.

Long-term use of toners containing high concentrations of alcohol is also an important cause of skin allergies. Alcohol can help clean the oil on the surface of the skin and promote the absorption of active ingredients, but long-term use of toner with high concentration of alcohol will destroy the sebum film on the surface of the skin and cause excessive cleaning of the skin. Unless you have oily skin, it is still not suitable for long-term use of high-concentration alcohol toner.

Statistics show that Japanese women have the highest skin allergy rate in the world, which has a lot to do with their preference for soap-based facial cleansers and the pursuit of excessive skin cleansing. However, in recent years, the sensitive skin of Chinese women has also increased rapidly. I hope Zhen Yao's article will wake everyone up.

Two: Excessive exfoliation

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin and is an important barrier of the skin. The metabolic cycle is 28 days, which means that it takes 28 days for the corneocytes to form and finally fall off. If some aging keratinocytes cannot metabolize normally, it will lead to rough skin and affect the normal metabolism of the skin. Proper exfoliation can make the aging keratinocytes fall off, and the skin looks fair, delicate and smooth, which can immediately improve the skin effect, but many consumers are very obsessed with this effect, frequent use of exfoliating products, the speed of new keratinocytes is far behind the speed of exfoliated cells, the metabolism of keratinocytes is out of balance, the stratum corneum becomes thinner, and the barrier function is affected, resulting in skin sensitivity .

Three: brush acid

Some skin care noobs may not know what "acid brushing" is. The length of the article is limited, so you can search it yourself, so I won't explain it in detail here. The commonly used ingredients are fruit acid, salicylic acid, vitamin A acid and other acids. These ingredients have a good effect on oily skin, acne, and pigmentation. After use, the skin is tender and fair, and all kinds of closed mouth, Pimples and pimples disappear quickly. It has a good effect on solving various skin problems.

However, there must be a limit to brushing acid, and it should not be too frequent. Moreover, the skin that can brush acid is some strong and tolerant skin, some non-tolerant, common dry, sensitive skin is not suitable for acid brushing. Some people have sensitive skin after using A-acid and high-concentration fruit acid peeling cream. They regret it and spend more money and energy to repair their rotten face. The loss outweighs the gain. Yes, acid peeling can save the face, but it doesn't have to be your face.

There are risks in using acid, so you should be careful when applying acid. If you don’t have tolerant skin, try not to use acid.

Four: Excessive skin care

The care steps of early consumers are relatively simple, and excessive skin care is rarely seen. But as people earn more money and demand more and more skin, they can't wait to put all the best skin care products on their faces. Therefore, I use several kinds of essences at the same time, use up lotion and then add face cream, use primer before make-up, and take more than 10 steps in skin care every day, for fear of treating the skin badly, improper care, and affecting the image.

In order to sell more products, cosmetics manufacturers are constantly educating consumers to use a variety of products to be effective, constantly developing various new products, and constantly draining your money. For example, the skin base is not to say that the skin base is useless, but that the skin base increases the steps of skin care, and when added to the original products, it increases the harmfulness of some of the ingredients. For example, preservatives, if you use more than one layer of products, the total amount of preservatives on the face will increase. If there is no problem with the normal dosage of preservatives, the superimposed use may lead to excessive usage.

The absorption of skin care products by the skin is limited. The more you use, the better. Too many skin care products, not only cannot be absorbed by the skin, but may stay on the surface of the skin and cause a burden to the skin. Moreover, the ingredients are too complex, and the signals transmitted by skin care products to the skin are relatively chaotic, which will make the messengers inside the skin at a loss and do not know which direction to work hard, which will eventually affect the effect of skin care products.

Many people who take excessive skin care, their skin is not as good as those who seldom take care of their skin. The skin will prematurely appear sagging, sagging, wrinkles, spots and other aging symptoms, which will cause skin sensitivity in severe cases. Therefore, streamlining skin care is very important, don't overdo it! Don't overdo your skincare! Don't overdo your skincare! Say important things three times. Streamlining skin care steps is an important skin care principle to prevent sensitive skin.
Five: Use products containing hormones and heavy metals

When consumers have skin problems, they all hope to get better quickly and restore the health of their skin, and sometimes they will go to the doctor indiscriminately. Some unscrupulous merchants, catching consumers' eagerness to change their skin conditions, will add some hormones, heavy metals and other ingredients that are banned by the state in violation of regulations. These ingredients have very good short-term effects and can greatly improve the skin, often bringing surprises to consumers. Consumers are also fortunate to have found a suitable product and become loyal customers of this product. However, long-term use of such products can cause serious damage to the skin.

Hormone itself can't solve the skin problem, it just suppresses the problem and tricks the nervous system, telling it that there is no problem here. But there will always be a day when hormones cannot be suppressed. At that time, skin problems will explode, and the problems will be more serious than before. There will be a series of serious skin problems such as vasodilation, skin itching, redness, inflammation, etc. Some of them will take several years to recuperate. The pain during this period is not something ordinary people can bear.
The hardest hit areas of this type of products are functional products, especially some whitening and freckle products, many of which are illegally added. Masks are another hard-hit area. There are countless consumers who have used hormone-containing products for a long time without knowing it, leading to steroid dermatitis, and have to endure the pain caused by hormones for a long time. When choosing functional products, you must be very cautious and not blindly pursue effects.

Six: Excessively dry skin

Sufficient skin moisture content is the key to maintaining a normal skin condition, but many skins, due to improper care or the environment they live in are too harsh, the skin is severely dehydrated, the keratinocytes are broken, and the skin barrier function is severely damaged, which further accelerates the loss of moisture. Loss, forming a vicious circle, leading to skin sensitivity.

Another situation is that when the skin is dehydrated, it is considered that the mask is a good product for hydrating, and the frequent use of the mask will make the skin hydrated temporarily, but in the long run, it will lead to excessive hydration of the skin and cause metabolic disorders of the stratum corneum. The barrier function is reduced, which further aggravates the dryness and sensitivity of the skin.

In fact, skin hydration is a false proposition. Most of the moisture in the skin cannot be replenished through skin care products. The moisture in skin care products is rarely absorbed by the skin, and most of it evaporates, causing the illusion of being absorbed by the skin. The moisture of the skin is mainly the water that is drunk, through the circulatory system of the human body, enters the dermis, and then penetrates into the epidermis layer by layer. Therefore, what the skin needs is not hydration, but moisturizing. But why use a lot of moisturizing products, the skin is still dry? Zhen Yao wrote another article to explain this issue in detail.

Moisturizing is an important step in basic skin care. If moisturizing is not done well, all skin care products are versatile. Moisturizing is the most important skin care step for the skin. If moisturizing is done properly, the skin will not be too bad, and the chance of skin sensitivity is very low, but it is not so easy to do a good job of moisturizing the skin.

Seven: No sun protection

UV rays are one of the main causes of skin problems. Ultraviolet rays can inhibit the activity of enzymes in the skin, destroy the water-locking function of the skin, aggravate the dryness of the skin, and cause scales and desquamation of the skin. Sun exposure also reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid channels moisture into the skin, which plumps and maintains volume. Sun-damaged skin tends to lose volume, partly due to the depletion of hyaluronic acid.

Ultraviolet rays can also cause the skin to produce a large amount of melanin, which will darken the skin and produce various spots. Spending too much time in the sun can make the skin red, inflamed, sunburned, and lead to a host of problems. Sun exposure can also cause the collagen in the skin to lose its activity, leading to sagging, aging, and wrinkles.

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