What is The Skin Barrier
2023-05-08 11:26:20
What is "skin barrier"
The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is one of the important physiological functions of the skin to prevent foreign matter from entering the human body and to protect the internal tissues of the body. So, how does the skin perform its barrier function?
The outermost layer of the skin is the "sebum film", which mainly contains sebum secreted by sebaceous glands, lipids produced by keratinocytes, sweat secreted from sweat glands, and exfoliated keratinocytes are emulsified at low temperature to form a weakly acidic sebum film on the skin surface .

The sebum film covers the surface of the skin, which can prevent excessive evaporation of water inside the skin and play a role in moisturizing. The sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands is mixed with sweat and then emulsified, which can lubricate and nourish the skin, making the skin flexible and shiny. It is a natural moisturizing milk. There is also a tiny ecological structure in the sebum membrane. Various microorganisms maintain a dynamic balance and play the functions of anti-infection and self-purification. It is a natural immune layer on the skin surface.

The "sebum film" constitutes the first line of defense of the skin, which plays an important role in maintaining skin health, preventing the invasion of external bacteria and foreign matter, preventing dry and rough skin, and nourishing the skin.

The second line of defense of the "skin barrier" is the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is located in the outermost layer of the skin, and is composed of dead and non-nuclear keratinocytes arranged neatly and tightly together, like "bricks", and the intercellular matrix fills the gaps of the keratinocytes. This structure image of the cuticle is the cutin "brick wall cement" structure.

If the sebum membrane is the "moat" of the skin, the stratum corneum composed of keratinocytes and intercellular substance is the "city wall". The stratum corneum can prevent water from evaporating, keep the skin moisturized and plump, prevent various bacteria and viruses from invading the body, and resist various external stimuli.

The keratinocytes are arranged neatly and shed normally, and the intercellular substance is not damaged. If the skin is lost excessively, the skin will be moist, smooth, delicate and shiny. If the metabolism of the stratum corneum is disordered and the arrangement is chaotic, the skin will appear dry, tight and rough. External foreign matter can easily enter the skin, causing adverse reactions such as sensitivity, redness, and inflammation.

Nursing methods that damage the "skin barrier" Many serious skin problems begin with the damage of the skin barrier. In the beginning, the damage was slight, and many people didn't pay much attention to it, ignoring the skin's feelings. It wasn't until one day that the skin developed serious problems that they realized that it had been seriously damaged.

Nursing methods that damage the skin barrier mainly include: 1. Wrong cleaning methods; 2. Frequent exfoliation; 3. Long-term use of high-concentration irritating skin care products; 4. Frequent application of facial masks; 5. No sun protection.

1. Wrong cleaning method The wrong cleaning method mainly includes over-cleaning, insufficient cleaning, and the use of cleansing products containing irritating ingredients. Most of the friends have been able to realize the dangers of excessive cleaning. Zhen Yao will not elaborate, but only a few key points. Excessive cleaning will destroy the sebum membrane, the skin's ability to lock water will decrease, the skin will be dry and dehydrated, and without sufficient moisture, various physiological functions of the skin will be affected, causing various skin problems.

Excessive cleaning will also cause the loss of cholesterol, ceramide, and natural moisturizing factors in the intercellular substance, and the skin's ability to lock water will further decrease. The intercellular matrix is damaged, which can easily lead to sensitive and fragile skin, accelerated skin aging, and wrinkles.

The opposite of "over-cleaning" is "under-cleaning". Skin problems caused by insufficient cleansing are caused by heavy use of make-up. The content of various coloring agents, sunscreen agents, film formers and thickeners in make-up and sunscreen ingredients is relatively high. If these ingredients are not cleaned, it is easy to clog pores, acne, rash, and acne.

So, how to judge "over-cleaning" and "under-cleaning"? Generally, after cleaning the skin, do not apply anything, and the skin feels dry and tight, which means that it is over-cleaned; if after cleaning, it feels oily and there are attachments on the face, it means that it is not clean. In addition, it is necessary to try several times (more than 5 times) and make a comprehensive judgment; only trying once often leads to deviations.

The surfactants used in some cleansing products are irritating to the skin. After cleaning the skin, it will not be completely washed away by water, some of it will be adsorbed on the surface of the skin, or even penetrate into the skin, react with the stratum corneum protein, affect the proliferation of various cells in the dermis and epidermis, produce toxicity to cells, destroy Normal metabolism, causing skin tingling, inflammation, redness and other skin problems.

2 Frequent exfoliation Normally, the metabolic cycle of the stratum corneum is 28 days. In other words, it takes 28 days for a keratinocyte to produce, grow, mature, die, and fall off. If the metabolism of the stratum corneum is abnormal and the aging keratinocytes cannot be exfoliated in time, proper exfoliation is possible.

After the aging cuticle is removed, the skin is smooth, delicate and lustrous. Many friends have become obsessed with this feeling, as long as the skin is not satisfied, they will exfoliate. Excessive exfoliation, the new keratinocytes cannot be replenished in time, the stratum corneum will be damaged, the skin barrier will be damaged, and various skin problems will appear.

In some cases, the reason for exfoliation is that the skin does not absorb it. In fact, this is not because the product does not absorb it, but because the weather becomes hotter and the skin’s sebum secretion begins to increase. The product that was originally suitable is now a little greasy. Just use a slightly refreshing product.

Normally, if the skin is normal, it is enough to use exfoliating products 1-2 times a month. If the products you use have ingredients that soften cuticles, or you often go to beauty salons for treatments, there is no need to exfoliate at all.

Many people have used high-concentration irritating skin care products for a long time. They are very impatient and have skin problems. They wish to use it today and see the effect tomorrow. As long as you hear which product works well, it doesn’t matter whether it’s suitable for you or not, and whether it’s harmful to your skin if you buy it for a long time. It may have some effect at the time, but after long-term use, your skin will be riddled with holes. .

Commonly used irritating ingredients are: alcohol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, A acid, A alcohol and so on. Products containing these ingredients are not completely unusable. You should make a comprehensive judgment based on your skin condition, the concentration of the addition, and other compound ingredients. If it is added in high concentration, it must be used with caution. If you really want to use it, don't use it for too long.

4 Frequent application of facial masks Most of the friends should understand the dangers of frequent application of facial masks, so Zhen Yao will stop talking about it. Just a few points: frequent application of facial masks will lead to excessive hydration of the stratum corneum of the skin, lower skin barrier ability, lower tolerance, and severe allergies and skin inflammation. It may also cause "hydration acne".

5 No sun protection Articles about the importance of sun protection can be said to be overwhelming, and every small partner should understand it. But knowing does not mean doing it. It is a common phenomenon that knowing is easier than doing.

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