How To Repair Sensitive Skin
2023-05-12 11:19:34

How to repair sensitive, redness, red complexion and other damaged skin barrier
Solution step one: find the reason

1 Improper care Many small partners have red blood streaks because they have not mastered the correct skin care knowledge and wrong skin care methods for a long time, and many of them are "made" by themselves. The more common mistakes in skin care methods are: 1. Excessive cleaning; 2. Blind brushing with acid; 3. Using cosmetics containing hormones; 4. Too many superimposed products and excessive skin care;

2 Disease Yes, you heard it right, disease is an important reason for the formation of red blood filaments. In addition to the "rosacea", "seborrheic dermatitis", and "severe acne" we analyzed in the previous article, some radiation dermatitis, liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, etc., may cause capillary inflammation. Dilation, forming red blood filaments.

3 Environment The environment is also an important cause of facial redness. If you live in a plateau area with strong ultraviolet rays for a long time and do not pay attention to the protection of ultraviolet rays, it is easy to cause red bloodshots. In addition, long-term high and low temperature working environments, chefs, welders, boiler rooms, etc. are smoked by flames and other environments, which can also easily cause red bloodshots.

4 Genetic Some consumers' red blood streaks are caused by genetics. The red blood streaks caused by this factor make the skin generally fragile, so you should be careful when taking care of the skin, otherwise it will easily cause other skin problems.

Solution step two:
Protection After finding the cause of your own red blood streaks, you must take protective measures and formulate targeted treatment and nursing plans. If the redness is caused by the wrong skin care method, you must first adjust the care method, use better problem products, and stop the wrong skin care method.

If the red blood streak is caused by a disease, the first thing to do is to see a reliable doctor. Although medicine is very developed now, the research on skin diseases is not thorough, and we often encounter some quack doctors who are not skilled in medicine. You can go to more regular hospitals, see more doctors, listen to the advice of different doctors, and make a comprehensive judgment yourself. It is not difficult to find a reliable doctor. Don't trust the so-called secret recipes and beauty agencies. As a cosmetics practitioner, although I also hope that skin care products can solve all problems, my reason tells me that skin care products have their own boundaries, and seeing a doctor is still a doctor's specialty.

If the ultraviolet rays in the living area or working environment are relatively high, as long as appropriate protective measures are taken, the red blood streak can be gradually reduced. You can use sunscreen for sun protection, or you can use various physical methods such as hats, masks, and sun protection clothing to prevent sun protection.

It is difficult to fundamentally improve red blood streaks caused by genetics, but proper care can be taken to reduce red blood streaks and prevent further development of red blood streaks and other skin problems.

Solution step three:
Repair After stopping the wrong skin care method, some red blood streaks caused by diseases need to be treated with appropriate products and care methods at the same time to help the skin repair the barrier and restore normal physiological functions. The next article will talk about specific products. This article first analyzes the principles of skin repair.

● Simplified skin care
After the skin forms red blood, it becomes very sensitive and fragile, and slight irritation may cause serious skin problems. This is the care steps as streamlined as possible. Just do a good job of basic skin care: cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Do not use make-up until the skin is fully repaired. If you must use it, choose some easy-to-clean, relatively mild make-up.

Use only one product per step. Many friends are eager to improve skin problems, and superimpose the products she thinks are good on the skin at the same time. Use two types of toner, or two types of essence, and use lotion and then face cream. This superposition method not only reduces the repair effect, but also may cause a burden to the skin. It is a taboo to repair red bloodshot skin.

● Repair
For the care of red bloodshot skin, there are three main schools. Zhen Yao named them: 1. No care school; 2. Moisturizing school; 3. Tonic school.

(1) Non-nursing faction
Let's look at the "non-care group" first. Many doctors hold this view and believe that the skin itself is relatively fragile and sensitive. At this time, no skin care products can be used, and the face should be completely bare to avoid further skin irritation. There is truth to this view, but it also has limitations. If the skin is inflamed, red and swollen, and itching is severe, any ingredients may irritate the skin and aggravate the symptoms. At this time, there is some reason not to use skin care products, but it is not impossible to use nothing at all. Because no cosmetics are used at all, the skin will be very dry. At this time, you can carry a bottle of spray with you, such as Avène, La Roche-Posay, Vichy and other brands of spray, and spray it every once in a while to relieve dry skin.

This care method is a care method under special circumstances. It is only suitable for skin with very severe allergic symptoms. After the skin improves, you must use mild products to maintain the skin. "No care" is not correct.

(2) moisturizing pie
This school is represented by cosmeceutical products such as Avene, La Roche-Posay, and Vichy. It is believed that the skin has a strong self-healing ability, as long as a stable environment is provided for the skin, a mild protective film is formed on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporation, moisturize well, and avoid using products containing irritating ingredients, the skin will slow down Slow self-healing.

This type of product emphasizes mildness, minimalism, simple formula, no redundant ingredients, and the focus is on moisturizing. This care method is suitable for use when the skin allergy symptoms have improved but have not yet stabilized completely.

(3) Tonic pie
There is another school that thinks that the skin is damaged, and simple moisturizing is not enough. Some ingredients with repairing effects need to be used to accelerate skin repair and regeneration. Such ingredients include EGF, ceramide, various plant extracts, etc. (these ingredients will be analyzed in detail in the next article). Zhen Yao called this kind of product "Tonic Tonic", and added more good things to the skin to restore a healthy state as soon as possible. This school's point of view is easier to be recognized by the public, and many people repair their skin according to this idea.

Each of the three care methods has advantages and disadvantages. You can flexibly choose and match products according to your skin condition to achieve the best repairing effect.

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