Causes Of Skin Aging And Methods For Anti aging
2023-05-18 17:38:03

Why the skin ages:
Regarding why the skin ages, there are several schools of thought in academia, including the theory of genetic programs, the theory of immune abnormalities, the theory of genetic errors, the theory of molecular damage, and the theory of active oxygen free radicals. Each school has its own theory, but there is no one theory. can fully explain aging. Aside from the specific principles of aging, in summary, there are two main causes of skin aging and wrinkles: 1. Endogenous aging; 2. Exogenous aging.
1. Endogenous aging is also called natural aging. With age, human organs reach their peak and then begin to decline slowly. It is an inevitable stage in the life course. The main determinant of endogenous aging is heredity, which is determined at the moment of birth and cannot be changed. Heredity determines the foundation of a person's skin, some people have a better foundation, and some people have a poor foundation.

2. Exogenous aging:
It can also be divided into two categories: 1. Factors that cannot be improved by skin care products; 2. Factors that can be improved by skin care products.
(1) Factors that cannot be improved by skin care products
Some exogenous causes of aging cannot be solved by skin care products, such as air pollution, which will not only cause skin aging, but also cause various diseases. Eating habits are also an important cause of human aging. In the past, food was not as abundant as it is now, and people were worried about malnutrition. With the development of society, there is basically no problem with nutrition, but irregular diet, overeating, partial eclipse, alcoholism, and smoking will all destroy the normal metabolism of the human body, leading to accelerated aging of the human body, and the skin will naturally age with the human body.
A good mental state is an important factor to keep the skin youthful. Excessive stress, excessive joy, anger, sadness, thought, sadness, fear, and shock will cause internal metabolic disorders in the body, keep cells in an abnormal state for a long time, and lead to accelerated aging of the human body.
Getting enough sleep is an important reason for preventing skin aging. If you don't sleep well at night, your improvement in the morning will be poor. I believe many friends have similar experiences. The importance of sleep to your skin cannot be overemphasized.
Lack of exercise is also an important reason for human aging. Proper exercise can accelerate the blood circulation inside the human body, accelerate the excretion of metabolic waste, increase the vitality of human cells, and prevent skin aging.
These factors not only lead to skin aging and relaxation, but also accelerate the aging of all organs of the human body. If you want to maintain a young and healthy state, you must first change your living conditions and habits.
(2) Factors that skin care products can improve
Some causes of skin aging can be improved through daily skin care. These factors are often the direct cause of skin aging, and the improvement effect on the skin is also obvious. There are two main types of the most direct impact: 1. Dry skin and lack of water; 2. Photoaging.
Adult water accounts for 60-70% of the body weight, and the water content of normal skin is about 20-35%, of which the water content of the stratum corneum is 10-20%. If the water content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the skin will appear dry, itchy or even tingling. If the water content is 10-20%, the skin is smooth, delicate and elastic. If it is greater than 20%, it will be over-hydrated and the barrier capacity of the stratum corneum will be reduced. Water is the cornerstone of all life activities of the human body. If the skin lacks water, the normal metabolism of cells cannot be carried out, the intercellular substance is insufficient, and there will be breaks between cells, resulting in dry, sagging, aging, and even wrinkles.
We has analyzed the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin in detail in past articles. Some people think that ultraviolet rays can only sunburn the skin, or cause the skin to darken, and often ignore the problem of ultraviolet rays causing skin aging. In fact, UVA in ultraviolet rays has a very strong penetrating power, which can enter the skin and stimulate the human body to produce a large number of oxygen free radicals. Free radicals are charged particles that attack normal tissues of the human body, causing huge damage and leading to skin aging. Photoaging is one of the important causes of skin aging.
  Through the above analysis, we understand the causes of skin aging. Here we mainly analyze how to prevent skin aging, sagging and wrinkle formation through skin care products.
1. Moisturizing We have analyzed before that dryness and lack of water are important reasons for skin aging. Therefore, maintaining sufficient moisture in the skin is an important step to prevent skin aging.
Regarding moisturizing, some friends have a lot of misunderstandings. For example, if the skin is dehydrated, it should replenish water to the skin, take more toners, and apply more masks, and it is believed that the skin can be replenished with moisture. As everyone knows, 94% of the skin's moisture is replenished through drinking water, and the moisture replenished through cosmetics is very small. Most of the moisture contained in cosmetics is evaporated. The most important thing for the skin is not hydration, but moisturizing.
There are also many misconceptions about moisturizing. For example, dry skin likes to use particularly viscous toners and essences. The dry skin is peeling and tingling, but it is still using refreshing lotions or creams. Regarding hydration and moisturizing, there are too many things to talk about, so I won’t go into details here. I will write an article on how to moisturize recently, and I will talk about it in detail for different types of skin.
If you want to prevent skin aging, you must first reflect on whether the skin moisturizing is in place, and whether the skin has symptoms such as dryness, peeling, itching, and tingling.
2. Sunscreen The importance of sunscreen to the skin cannot be overemphasized. Sunscreen is not only to prevent the skin from being sunburned, or to prevent the skin from darkening and spots. Sun protection is also one of the most important ways to prevent skin photoaging.
About sun protection, we have written many articles, including "How to choose sun protection products", "Do I need sun protection when staying indoors?" ", "Should I wear sunscreen in autumn and winter? ", "How to Clean Sunscreen", and some articles on the analysis of sunscreen products. If you are interested, you can check it out in our website.
Sun protection is the most important thing to prevent skin aging, but it is often ignored. To anti-aging, please do sunscreen now!
3. Anti-oxidation No one's skin can stay in a good environment forever. On the contrary, the skin is in a bad environment most of the time. The harsh environment will cause the skin to produce a large number of oxygen free radicals. These oxygen free radicals are charged ions, very active in nature, and will react with normal skin tissues, causing damage to normal skin tissues, including collagen that maintains skin elasticity. A large amount of collagen is lost, and the skin will appear sagging, aging, and wrinkles. Therefore, anti-oxidation is one of the important methods to prevent skin aging.
4 Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle The anti-aging that most friends understand basically refers to this one. Mainly some really anti-wrinkle products and ingredients that can fade the wrinkles that have already occurred. Suitable for wrinkled skin. To sum up, there are three main types of anti-wrinkle ingredients: 1. Retinoic acid series; 2. Fruit acid series; 3. Peptide series.

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